What do we even offer?

Our list of services is impressive, and we are sure, that we will be able to satisfy all of your needs through providing all the necessary components for having the best fulfillment process, customer feedback & satisfaction. Before starting our agency, we have conducted a large-scale market research in order to determine the current and future trends of dropshipping. Our services include:

Product sourcing

As you can read on our page about Products, we can source 99% of products product in any niche, as long as it fits with Chinese laws and the shipping & handling policy. Simply fill an Application and get a price quote for your products and special requests.

Order fulfillment

We help you fulfill orders in a fast and productive manner. Simply fill an Application and receive ID numbers for all your products, so you can start fulfilling them through CSV sheet. You can also export the CSV file with your orders directly from Shopify (Learn more about that) and save yourself hours on copying customers' information. Then send it to us at csv@peonyfulfillment.com and let us handle the rest.


Are you receiving large amount of orders? Then our warehousing service is for you. We will provide you with an unlimited storage space, which will not only allow you to further expand your business by ordering large quantities of products at a lower price, but it will also allow you to store them for as long as you want, and ship them, when the time is right. We also recommend our warehousing service, if you want to start branding your products or packaging.

Shipping & Handling

We take care of all the shipping and handling. Matter of fact, we do it with rapid speed. All of your new orders are going to get accepted on the same day. You will then receive tracking numbers for your customers and your orders will be shipped within 24 hours. Our average shipping time is 10 days, but it highly depends on the location of your customer and on the laws of their country.


Looking to take your products even higher, and elevate your customer experience? Branding is the next logical step for you. How many times have you caught yourself buying a branded, better-feeling product, instead of plain, old unbranded one? With branding, you can increase proposed value of your products in the eye of your customer. Ask us about any branding request.

Special requests

 Thanks to our fluent ability of both Chinese and English language, we are able to work with you on any special requesst that you might have, that are related to the business field of our country. Don't be afraid to ask for anything out of the box, because we will probably be able to provide it for you.