We have been formed in the year 2016 in Hangzhou, China after we saw a great opportunity for growth in the E-Commerce sector. Also, the reason we decided, that we want to dominate the E-Commerce sector is, that we also know the impact of Chinese market on the world and especially the environment.


Our name is PEONY Fulfillment Agency. We have chose Peony, one of Chinese national flowers. and we don't take that lightly. Just like Peony, we represent our beautiful republic in the best manner possible. Being true to our word is something we really take pride in, and we will make sure, to keep our word on all our promises we will make to you, and also to those, that we have already made.


Since global warming is a thing, and we, unlike most suppliers from China, care. We care about not only the impact of global warming, but also the plastic pollution and other threats. Before we even began the process of founding PEONY, our team had a deep talk about this topic, and we have determined, that since our goal was to dominate a huge part of the market, we would like to make a difference. 


We have decided, that we will dedicate 5% of our profits to environmental causes, and since we have over thousand clients, the amount of money that we give away is significant. And since we hate single-use plastics as well, we are only using paper packaging for our shipping, as long as it's possible.


By combining business, with the care for our planet, we are looking to achieve great things in the field of E-Commerce. And since we are able to help countless entrepreneurs with increasing their profits. and eliminating the long fulfillment process, we will also be able to help the planet with it's problems, at least one step at a time.


Vincent Chen, CEO